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Amateur Sports Club

Welcome to the Central Florida Region of the Sports Car Club of America. We appreciate your interest! With over 2,400 members, we are one of the largest regional clubs that make up the Sports Car Club Of America.

Amateur sports are sports in which participants engage largely or entirely without remuneration.The distinction is made between amateur sporting participants and professional sporting participants, who are paid for …

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The Amateur Athletic Union is committed to improving the development, safety and welfare of athletes and participants involved in sport.

A sports club or sporting club, sometimes athletics club or sports society or sports association, is a group of people formed for the purpose of playing sports.. Sports clubs range from organisations whose members play together, unpaid, and may play other similar clubs on occasion, watched mostly by family and friends, to large commercial

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A sports club with a long-standing tradition of excellence and personal achievement, the WSC is dedicated to promoting cycling, speeding, …

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The Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme was introduced in 2002 as an option for sports clubs to register with HMRC to receive ‘charity type’ tax reliefs provided the club meets certain qualifying conditions.

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Due to the snow/ice falling outside this morning, President Tom Murphy has decided to cancel The PANIC awards banquet today. Anyone who knows why PSCC’s annual awards banquet is called “The PANIC” is aware that the event is cursed.

How to register as a community amateur sports club (CASC) – eligibility, tax relief, form CASC A1

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Workplace health and safety law and how it applies to sports club organisers. Health and safety laws should not be a barrier to organising and running amateur sports activities that are an important part of community life.

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Guidance about how the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme works and information about reliefs you might be able to benefit from.

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