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The Tanakh (/ t ɑː ˈ n ɑː x /; תַּנַ”ךְ ‬, pronounced or ; also Tenakh, Tenak, Tanach), also called the Mikra or Hebrew Bible, is the canonical collection of Jewish texts, which is also a textual source for the Christian Old Testament.

Hermeneutics is the science of Bible interpretation. Many read the Bible, but few grasp its meaning. False teachers use it to preach all sorts of heresies. Here are the tools for you to master the Bible and be saved from those trying to deceive you.

Background material on slavery in the Bible. Biblical passages recognized, controlled, and regulated the practice. The Bible permitted owners to beat their slaves severely, even to the point of killing them. However, as long as the slave lingered longer than 24 hours before dying of the , the owner was not regarded as having committed a

You think you know, but you may have no idea.

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The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, “the books”) is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures that Jews and Christians consider to be a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between God and humans.

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Bible – New American Bible, Revised Edition. Items of Interest. Frequently Asked Questions; Rationale for Catholics Reading the Old Testament

The Christian Scriptures (New Testament) – all points of view

Dec 06, 2016 · The Bible is the word of God and has so many great ways to study it. Studying Bible verses by topic or subject is one of those ways. Check out this extensive list of topical Bible studies.

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New scholarship on the Good Book’s naughty bits and how it deals with adultery, divorce, and same-sex love.

Old Testament / Hebrew Scriptures. Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Numbers. Deuteronomy. Joshua. Judges. Ruth. 1 Samuel. 2 Samuel

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